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Stomach Surgery

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Stomach Surgery the player takes on the guise of a (who would have guessed it?) Stomach Surgery who is "unleashed" on different patients. Maniacal release is probably the best description of the procedures he performs, because the dental equipment looks very painful. Also, judging by the facial expressions of the patients, the procedures must not be very enjoyable - but that can probably be attributed mostly to the dentist himself. The ''players'' available in the game are four different patients and the various tools are described with small pictures. You can even pull teeth, if they are beyond repair - or if the player develops a particular sadistic streak and just wants to pull teeth "for fun." The four patients have very little difference between them, but you have to admit that this game doesn't look like it was really designed for long-term enjoyment.

Controls of the Game

You control mostly with your [MOUSE] but there are some other options which you will get along

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Don't let your patient die.

Watch on time

Practice makes it perfect

game review

Stomach Surgery makes for some great fun right off the bat in the first minutes of the game and is a nice game for in between times. Unfortunately, the game displays too little long-term motivation and the existing potential of the game mechanics are unnecessarily wasted in my eyes.